Spit Teen Titans Raven – Teen Titans

Spit Teen Titans Raven - Teen Titans

Merrill, while waiting for further instructions!!! “So anyway,” Dale Merrill went on, “we want to get started with a little rehearsing and wondered if you would help us out by joining in!?!” “Duke again looked the two of them over, and with a shrug of his shoulders replied, “Sure, why not!!!”

The air conditioning was a little cool in Mr. ”

An almost cruel chuckle escaped his lips, and with slight pressure on Alana shoulders, he pushed her to the floor and asked Vera, “Have you ever seen her suck a big cock, well, now you're gonna get to!!! Alana was now almost in a sexual frenzy over Duke Lancer's erection, and without waiting to be told, she took him into her mouth and began sucking him like it was the last dick on the face of the earth!!! Vera looked on with glassy eyes as her prim and proper little girl sat on her knees chugging Duke's horse cock down her hungry throat!!! Duke smiled smugly over at Vera and ordered, “lie down on the couch and finger your cunt, I wanna see you cumming in three minutes, so get moving bitch!!!” Her head was spinning out of control, and the order to lie down was a good one, because in another minute or two she would have probably fallen over!!! Alana was paying absolutely no attention to her mother, but Duke was, and said, “Your old lady has real hairy pussy, do you think she can get off in three minutes, well, we're gonna find out!?!” Vera'a left hand dropped easily to her crotch and instantly found her distended clit in the furry mass of pubic hair that hid her dripping slit!!! “Oh, god,” she groaned while doing her clit and watching her daughter suck off the young porn star, “y-you have a huge cock, and it looks so gooooooood!!!” “You mean this little old thing,” he said lightly, “awwwww, I'll bet you've had a lot of cocks bigger than mine!!!” Her finger was now literally flying over her clit, and while even in her high state of arousal she knew that he was teasing her, she powerless to resist him, and so she panted, “No, no, it's the biggest cock I've ever seen, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, goddddd, I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard!!!” The room was now filled with the moans and groans of Vera and her daughter Alana as the young stud was driving them up the wall with sexual excitement!!! Vera's plump bottom bounced up and down on the sofa as her orgasm express trained through her burning pussy, and as Alana heard her mother climaxing, her own cunt convulsed hard when Duke let loose with a fire hose of hot cum into her eager mouth!!! “Like mother like daughter,” he gasped as he emptied his nut sack deep into the young cock sucker's throat, “you two bitches are two fucking peas in a fucking pod!!!

Alana slumped backwards onto her bottom while wiping a string of cum from her chin while Duke turned his attention to Vera!!! “You must be pretty proud of your little slut daughter,” he said with a short laugh, “the little cunt has a real talent there, I think that she'll go along way in this business, don't you!?!” Vera's pussy was still twitching uncontrollably as the last vestiges of her orgasm faded slowly out of her pussy, but as she watched Duke Lancer's huge cock swinging from side to side as he approached her, she felt her pussy drench itself one more time in anticipation of another climax!!! As was her wont, when she was turned on Vera always seemed to let her hand fall naturally to her cunt and casually begin masturbating while the fury inside of her grew!!! “I asked you a question,” Duke repeated, “isn't your little baby a good cock sucker!?!” With her pussy now in a state of high arousal, Vera stammered, “She's a good girl and a better cock sucker, now are you gonna give me that big thing or are you gonna make me beg for it!?!” Duke glanced down at his rapidly stiffening cock and commented, “So, mama wants some pecker for herself does she, well, baby, you asked for it, and now you're gonna get it!!!” In what was almost a surreal moment, Vera stared slack jawed as Duke quickly mounted her, and with a hard thrust of his hips, buried the thick annihilator deep into her hairy pussy!!! “Sweet jesus in heaven,” she shrieked as he bottomed out against her pubic bone, “I'm fucking cumming and there's nothing I can do to stop it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” From the back ground Vera could hear Alana urging Duke to fuck her harder, so as she rolled her head from side to side, she could glimpse her daughter furiously fingering her pussy while sucking on one of her own big tits!!! “L-look at her,” Vera gasped, “my little daughter is a sex maniac, she just can't get enough!!!” Duke looked over his shoulder at the hot pussied young woman and replied, “You're right mama, your little honey is a first class cock hound, just look at what a slut she is!!!” Vera'a cunt was now in the middle of a long series of orgasms that continued rocketing through her pussy as she watched her daughter masturbate, and of course as Duke continued pounding his ten inch satisfier in and out of her cunt with brutal ferocity!!!

Dale Merrill looked on with obvious satisfaction that Vera Alana were not only mother and daughter, a prime requisite for his next picture, but that from the looks of things they were not only very attractive, but that they both had sexual appetites that Atilla the Hun would have been proud of!!! He was absolutely sure of his decision, when out of the blue, Alana jumped up from her spot on the floor, ran to her mother, and began sucking on her big nipples as Duke rammed his manhood in and out of her until all three of them were cumming in a cascade of cum and pussy juice all over the sofa!!!

All three of the participants finally collapsed in a heap as Dale Merrill picked up the phone and called Production, “Harry, get ready to start shooting tomorrow, I just found our two new actors!!!”


Hentai: Teen Titans Raven

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