Puto 隠頭花女 – Girls Und Panzer

Puto 隠頭花女 - Girls Und Panzer

But what really caught my eye was hanging from the ceiling was this strange almost seat like hammock thing secured to the ceiling into the joist and just about between waist and knee high and had adjustments on all the soft rope like supports so it could be raised and lowered whichever it was that was deemed needed. Snake Lady herself now in a long fully black velvet robe with a thick black velvet rope tied around her waist,her whole face was facial make up with black deep dark black with blood red looking female symbols on each cheek a withes hat on her head of pure dark black velvet all of it ancient in makings yet not one bit looking old and ragged all sorts of different stitched into the velvet symbols adorned her hat hair red hair looked beautiful contrasting with all this black she adorned herself with and pockets on her robe seemed to hold a variety of things in them.

Hentai: [Tama Land (Tama no Chichi)] 隠頭花女 (Girls und Panzer)

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[たまランド (たまの父)]隠頭花女(ガールズ&パンツァー)

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