Big Pussy Mother Fucker 8

Big Pussy Mother Fucker 8

”Who’s your friend,” Jake asked while discarding two of his cards and asking the dealer for two more!?! “Uh, this is Bobby Reynolds, my best friend from high school” Peter replied, “he’s just here for the weekend!!!” The five boys playing poker in Jake’s dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch, but before they were even settled in their seats Jake piped up, “You know the rules, Pete, anyone watching has to strip just like the rest of us, so either get naked or get out!!!” Not wanting to be left out, Pete and Bobby quickly stood up and shucked off their clothes until they were standing there naked as the day they were born!!! Jake eyed the two freshmen hungrily and announced, “The winner of the next pot gets to suck Bobby’s cock!!!” The other boys at the table murmured their approval at the idea and set about finishing up the hand!!! This was the usual Saturday night poker game Jake had held in his room for the past two years, and while most of the boys playing were either juniors or seniors, there was nothing any of them liked better than to suck off the nice little stiffy from a cute eighteen year old!!! Jake of course had the biggest cock in the room, and as was usually the case, he sat there with his huge erection sticking up out of his lap, flaunting his manhood for all to see!!! Everyone at the table had at one time or another had the good fortune of getting Jake’s massive member shoved hard up their hot ass, but what most of them really wanted to do was put his huge pecker into their mouths and suck him off!!!(Everyone except Frank that is, he just loved getting his ass fucked, but that’s another story!!!) Bobby watched nervously as the hand was played out, and much to his absolute delight Jake pulled and inside straight and gleefully leaped to his feet as his huge boner bobbed menacingly in the air before him!!!

With a look of pure lust on his face Jake motioned Bobby over to him, and after kissing the shaking boy full on the lips, he dropped to his knees and inhaled the tiny hardon into his mouth, inducing a gusher of cum from the hot little organ in the first few seconds of his sucking!!! Jake hungrily gulped down the warm cum, and after savoring the hot sperm shooter for a several moments, he got back to his feet and whispered into Bobby’s ear, “How would you like my spike up your tight little asshole!?!” Now almost delirious with lust, Bobby shuddered at the mere thought of such a huge erection inside of his cute smooth bung hole, and as his little prick began to instantly erect itself one more time, he leaned over a folding chair with his butt up in the air and his legs wide apart in an open invitation for Jake to have his way with him!!!

“Somebody get over her and get his twink ready for me,” Jake demanded, “I don’t wanna hurt him ya know!!!” A junior named Dean quickly scampered over from the card table, and after kissing the smooth white bottom all over both cheeks, he calmly stuck his tongue into the young man’s asshole and began rimming it for all he was worth, taking great care to be sure that he was lubricated enough to accept Jake’s massive erection!!!” Of course Bobby had had many rim jobs in his day, after all, being such a pretty little boy made him quite popular with all of the boys and men back home, but never in his life had he had such an expert ass sucking than this young college student was giving him at this very moment!! Jake watched with bemused attachment while Dean worked over the hot tight twink, and after five minutes or so of sucking he playfully shoved the young ass licker out of the way and took his place between the young man’s shaking legs!!!

“You ever been ass fucked, boy,” Jake asked while spitting into his hand and fisting his already hard as steel erection, “now’s your last chance to say no cuz once I start fucking you, there’s no way I can stop!!!” Bobby just shuddered one more time, and in almost a whisper he moaned, “P-please, fuck me like the little bitch that I am!!!” That did it!!! Jake lined his hardon up with Bobby’s tight little bung, and after grabbing the young man by the hips, with one mighty shove he rammed his nine inches of brutally thick pecker meat all the way to hilt causing poor little Bobby’s eyes to practically pop out of his head at the viciousness of the attack!!! And that’s exactly what it was, an attack on the young lad’s tight little asshole!!! Of all the men on campus Jake had by far the most prodigious sexual appetite for tight young assholes, and once one was place in front of him there was nothing you could do to keep him from literally fucking it to death with his incredibly long and thick erection!!! All of the coeds had heard the stories of the huge piece of meat that hung between Jake’s hot thighs, but they soon found out that he would never waste a load of cum on a pussy when he had so much tight smooth boy ass to fuck!!! In fact, one young women was so smitten with Jake that she coerced him into taking her to the Home Coming dance, and once at the dance he pulled her into a store room where she thought that finally she was going to get to have his magnificent cock, but much to her dismay, there waiting for them was a cute little dark haired freshman boy who Jake allowed to suck his huge pecker off right before the stunned girl’s eyes!!! Needless to say once that story got around campus no other woman ever took the chance on crossing Jake again!!!

Anyway, back to little Bobby, Jake was now ramming the poor little asshole like a mad man, driving his almost indestructible penis in and out of the him like a trip hammer on an assembly line!!! The rest of the boys at the table had naturally begun fisting their own hardons, and as Jake and Bobby approached their climaxes the room was filled with the unmistakable sounds of young men on the very cusp of blowing their massive loads in what could only be described as a hot gay circle jerk!!! Jake’s head was now rolling around on his shoulders while he butt fucked the cute little eighteen year old for all he was worth, and while he had fucked literally hundreds of hot young men in the ass, he was surprised to find that Bobby not only loved getting jammed he was actually thrusting backwards to meet the vicious stroking Jake was inflicting on him!!! The boys around the table had by now migrated over to the fucking couple, and as Jake roared like a lion as his orgasm erupted deep inside the bowels of his new little fuck doll, the rest of the group fired off load after load of hot gay love onto Bobby’s back, inducing him to shoot his own little pecker all over the back of the chair!!!

Jake’s pecker slipped form Bobby’s rectum with a popping sound, and true to form one of the boys from the card game quickly took his place on the floor in front of the big dicked senior and licked and sucked his huge shaft and balls clean!!! Bobby on the other hand got pretty much the same treatment from another boy, and much to the delight of everyone there he shot another load down the throat of the gay cocksucking college student!!! “Well, Pete,” Jake said with a smile, “you can bring this cute little twink along when ever you want, he’s fucking hot!!!”


Hentai: [Anthology] Mother Fucker 8 [Chinese]

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[アンソロジー]マザーファッカー 8[中国翻訳]

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