(SC2015 Winter) [Zattou Keshiki (10mo, Shino)] Darkside Live (Love Live!) [Chinese] [紅漢化]

(SC2015 Winter) [Zattou Keshiki (10mo, Shino)] Darkside Live (Love Live!) [Chinese] [紅漢化]


He had a very distinct stare on him and came and sat down with me, he said that he had been talking to the owner of the club and asked what happens there, The owner said that he supplies K9 and Miniature Horse's to oversea's tourist and visitors who wish to have a holiday in Australia and some ( Quality very discreet ) time with there fetish of having sex with dogs or Horses that he has on the farm…

I said to Garry that I am very interested in finding out more of this, Garry said oh you will be baby I have set up a time to meet up tonight for a session with the miniature horse, I would love to see you take a horse cock in that pussy of your's, I said babe I would not be able to take a cock that big in me, Garry said honey you take my cock and mine is thick and tops out at 8. [Wamusho (Wamuko)] Same-kun Wa Senpai To Douseiai… very interesting I thought,,

Garry got home about an hour later and I asked him straight up what was the Gold Coast Beast Club he was looking at.

Hentai: (SC2015 Winter) [Zattou Keshiki (10mo, Shino)] Darkside Live (Love Live!) [Chinese] [紅漢化]

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(サンクリ2015 Winter) [雑踏景色 (10mo, しの)]ダークサイドライブ(ラブライブ!) [中国翻訳]

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